Saturday, October 9, 2010

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification - Day One...

Notes from today's OLY Cert. - The Snatch

Fundamentals of Teaching:

1) Jump/Pull Land/Receive
2)Hook 8”-12”
3) Positions: High hang/Mid-thigh/Below Knees/Floor

4) Burgener Warmup:
a)Down and Up—for speed
b)Elbows high and outside—for keeping bar close
c)Muscle Snatch—for strength and 3rd pull
d)Snatch Land—for footwork (power)
e)Snatch Drop—for footwork (full)

Skill Transfer Exercises:
a)SN PP-overhead strength (100% of SN)
b)OHS—core strength
c)Pressing SN Balance—pressing under the bar
d)Heaving SN Balance—
e)SN balance—fastest, 100%+ of SN

3 Pulls of weightlifting: first, second, third

“When the arms bend, the power ends”

“Jump hard, not high”

“Shoulders lead arms follow”


“Pull yourself under the bar”

“Speed through the middle”


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