Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Row Burp 30"...

Row Burp 30
5 rounds of:
:30 Rowing, record avg 500/split time.
1:30 rest
:30 Burpees, record reps
1:30 rest

Each of these intervals are All Out Efforts. Don't pace or game this wod, each one should be a max effort. The work/rest ratio is 1:3 to allow for sufficient recovery. Record your scores for every round.

Round One:     18/1:30
Round Two:    17/1:36
Round Three:  15/1:36
Round Four:    15/1:36
Round Five      15/1:37

Round Average: 16/1:35.2

My 500m Row PR is 1:54 so I was pumped about my times!

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