Thursday, July 23, 2015

One Mile Slosh Pipe Carry..

One Mile Slosh Pipe Carry (45) - 17:12

Cash Out: 25 Weighted Dips (53)

"For those of you looking to add a different piece of equipment to your fire station gym, or if you just need a little project and want to work muscles you haven’t worked before, it’s time to build a slosh pipe. A slosh pipe is nothing more than a 9′ piece of 4″ PVC pipe that’s filled two-thirds of the way with water, which should equal 38–42 lbs., and capped at both ends. Think that’s not enough weight to give you a real workout? Before you dismiss the idea completely, give it a try. Once you work with the pipe, you’ll see how demanding it can be. For those who like working with sandbags, chains and tires, you’ll love the variety a slosh pipe affords you".-

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