Sunday, July 19, 2015

“The Chattanooga Five”…

Teams of 2:

Five Rounds of -
7 Rope Climbs
16 Barbell Complex (135/95) – 1 Deadlift, 1 Hang Power Clean, 1 Jerk, 1 Back Squat
Then, 2015M Row after the 5 rounds.
* Work is split among 2 people, one person working, one person resting. Teams of 3 will have 2 people working at a time.
42:30 rx
In honor of the five member of the Armed forces that were killed in Chattanooga  on July 16, 2015.
The dead Marines were identified as Gunnery Sgt. Thomas J. Sullivan of Hampden, Massachusetts; Staff Sgt. David A. Wyatt of Burke, North Carolina; Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist of Polk, Wisconsin; and Lance Cpl. Squire K. “Skip” Wells of Cobb County, Georgia. Sullivan, Wyatt and Holmquist had served in Iraq, Afghanistan or both.
Also, a U.S. Navy sailor wounded in a shooting rampage in Tennessee died early Saturday, according to the Navy, becoming the fifth U.S. service member killed the attack. The Navy did not release his name. However, a relative earlier identified the one sailor injured in the attack as Randall Smith.
The five rounds signify the five victims. The seven rope climbs are for July and the sixteen barbell complexes are for the date – the 16th. The 2015 row is for the year – 2015

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