Monday, July 29, 2013

1RM Bench Press & "20/20 Vision"...

1RM Bench - 225#
(Failed @ 255 & 251 - PR is 250)


“20/20 VISION”
20 MedBall Cleans (20)
20 Abmat Sit 
3 rounds plus 15 reps Rx

Some days you're the windshield - some days you're the bug. I was the bug today.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Kelly" - AKA "Karen" on Steroids!

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
42:56 Rx

* Spent almost half the time on the wall balls. Getting better slowly. 

* Last time was at Crossfit St. Louis on Thursday, May 12, 2011. My time was 36:06 but I used the 14, 12 & 10# ball. Baby steps.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

“So What’cha Want”…

One round for time:
30 Pull Ups
100 Abmat Sit Ups
30 Pull Ups
6:12 Rx

Done with sit ups at 4:45. Those last 30 pull ups were brutal!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Squat Snatch 3x5 & Bench Press 3x3...

Squat Snatch 3x5: 75-95-125 
(Never squat snatched over 95# before. Need to keep working it!)

Bench Press 3x3: 175-200-225

 (225 is a 15# three rep PR!)

It was a good day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


First Lieutenant Scott Francis Milley was killed in the line of duty in the Baraki Barak district of Afghanistan on November 30th, 2010 at the age of 23. "Scooter” grew up in Sudbury excelling in both academics and athletics at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. Every bit as excellent a person as he was a soldier and athlete, the memory of his unrelenting positivity and charisma continues to impact those who knew him. He is survived by his loving parents, Steven and Janice, and by his brother Steve and sister Ashley.

400M Farmers Carry (53)
20 Burpee Box Jump (30)
400M Plate Carry (35)
20 Burpee Box Jump (30)
400M Plate Carry (35)
20 Burpee Box Jump (30)
400M Farmers Carry (53)


* - I  just realized I did 30 Burpee Box Jumps per round instead of 20. CrossFit Math Fail. Had the number 30 in my head because of the 30" Burpee box jumps. I copied and pasted the WOD after I finished and did not realize it was 20 till later.)

Saturday, July 20, 2013



Deadlift (135)

Bar Facing Burpees

9:29 Rx

Need to go faster on the burpees next time!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3x5 Bench Press & "Butch Coolidge"....

3×5 Bench Press: 165-185-205
“Butch Coolidge”
9-7-5 reps of:
Muscle Ups
Pistols (each leg)
12:44 - 15# plate for pistols 

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Four rounds for time of:
100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb/25 plate held overhead
30 Box jump, 24/20 inch box
20 Wallball shots, 20/14 pound ball
10 Handstand push-ups
37:30 Rx


U.S. Navy Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician David Blake McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, Georgia, assigned to Naval Special Warfare Group 2 Support Activity in Norfolk, Virginia, was killed September 21, 2010, in a helicopter crash during combat operations in the Zabul province of Afghanistan. McLendon is survived by his wife Kate McLendon, his parents David and Mary-Ann McLendon, his brother Chris McLendon, and his sister Kelly Lockman.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"One More Rep"...

3 rounds of max reps of:

* Bench Press @ bodyweight (160)
* Toes-to-Bar

3 minute rest in between movements 

BP: 20/14/11
T2B: 20/15/12

That was tough!

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Tabata Wall Balls"...

8 rounds of:
* 20 seconds of work
* 10 seconds of rest
* 20# Ball
60 total reps 

"Pause Squat OTM 15"...

The original plan was to do "The CrossFit Total".  I failed at 337# back squat and decided to the pull plug instead of push it.  

Instead I dropped the weight 200# and did:

3 Pause Squats On-The-Minute for 15 minutes 
* 3 second pause on each rep @ 135#

45 reps with a total of 145 seconds in the hold. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"OTM 20: Squat Snatch & Wall Balls"...

On the minute for 20 minutes perform:

Odd Minutes: 3 Squat Snatch - 75#
Even Minutes: 5 Wall Balls - 20#

Cash Out: 1 minute max Wall Balls - 26

* worked form on Snatch. Starting to feel comfortable. I actually enjoyed the Wall Balls

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"The Incredible Hulk"

5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Push Press
5 Back Squat
(Mens Rx 115lbs/ Women’s 70lbs)

7 rounds + 13 reps. 3 rounds Rx & 4 + 13 @ 95#.

Should have stayed at 95# the whole way. Previous:
9 rounds plus 24 reps @ 95#

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Recovery WOD"

20 Muscle Ups
100 Air Squats


Needed to get moving after this weekend's competition. Felt good!

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 Nor'Easter Masters

The three main workouts count 18% each.  The three miniwods count 9% each. The finals for top 5 athletes in each division (all 3 for 60+ men and women) will count as 19% of your overall score.
WOD 1 Clean and Jerk Ladder Combined with Chest to Bar or Regular Pullups
C and J ladder AMRAP per minute
Ages 40-49: 95/135, 105/145, 115/155, 125/165, 130/175, 140/185, 145/195
The barbell ladder will alternate with Amrap chest-to-bar per minute for ages 40-49 and AMRAP regular pullups for ages 50 and up.
Each athlete will move from barbell #1 to pullup station #1 to barbell #2, to pullup station #2, etc. with a judge following along.
**You must do at least one rep of C and J in order to continue with the workout.  If you can’t do at least one rep, you can do 5 burpees in that minute, instead.  Once you have done burpees, you must do burpees for all subsequent barbell minutes.  You will get a 0 for all minutes you perform burpees for your C and J score but you can continue on in the workout.  If you run out of time and don’t get a C and J or 5 burpees in a minute, you will not be allowed to progress through the rest of the ladder in either C and J or pull-ups, and your score will be the reps you’ve gotten up to that point.
**You must do at least one rep of pull-ups each pullup minute, or you will have to stop at that minute. Your score will be the reps you’ve gotten to that point.
Barbells 1 and 2: Each C and J will count as 1 rep
Barbells 3 and 4: Each C and J will count as 2 reps
Barbells 5 and 6:  Each C and J will count as 3 reps
Barbell 7:  Each C and J will count as 4 reps
This means that as the weights increase, each rep counts more.
**Overall workout scoring**
67% C and J total reps (weighted amounts taken into account)
33% C2B/pullup total reps
WOD 2 SHUTTLE RUN PLUS  (9 min time cap)
Run 10 yards to OHS 45/35–barbells are there waiting.  Do 10 OHS (only 5 for ages 55-59 men, 60+ men and women)  Run back to start.
Run 10 yards, do 10 OHS (5 for 55-59 men and 60+ men and women) and run to 20 yard line.  Do 8 KB  swings (kb’s waiting there) and run back to start.
Run 10 yards, do 10 OHS (5 for 55-59 men and 60+ men and women) run to 20 yardline do 8 swings, run to 30 yard line where there will be DB’s for 8 DB snatches per arm, alternating sides.  Run back to start.
Run 10 yards, do 10 OHS (5 for 55-59 men and 60+ men and women), run to 20 yardline and do 8 swings, run to 30 yardline, do 8 snatches per arm, run to 40 yard line. and do 24 burpees and sprint back to start.
Weights and rep modifications:
KB 40-44  53/70
OHS 40-44 35/45
WOD 3  Deadlift/Toes to Bar/ Box Jumps  (Time cap: 15 minutes)
10, 9, 8…1 reps of:
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps
DL weights
ages 40-44 165/205
Box height 20/24 
Toes to bar:
ages 40-59: toes touch bar
1.  Prowler push plus 40 Double Unders x 4 (down and back twice) for time. Time cap: 5 min
2.  In 5 minutes row 750w/1000m and then do as many wallballs as you can in time remaining.  Wallballs are all to 10’.
40-44  20/14

3.  Amrap rope climbs in 3 minutes
40-49  16 feet

Overall I am very happy with my finish. Tied for 22nd. 

Highlights were:
* Two Clean & Jerks at 195# (last bar on ladder))
* 22 Wall Balls without dropping the ball after 500M Row 
* 8:23 time on WOD #3 (15th place)
* 7 Rope Climbs @ 16 feet in 3 minutes. (11th place)

Lack of double unders gave me a last place finish in that WOD but it was an awesome time!

(NOTE TO SELF: Work Double Unders!)