Saturday, March 21, 2015

Carry The Fallen...

Yesterday - March 21st - I am participated in the Carry The Fallen Ruck-March event for Active Heroes, a 501c3 charity helping to reduce veteran suicide! I will be rucking the Boston Marathon route - 26.2 miles.
The "Ruck-March" is a long distance hiking event during which I have to carry a lot weight in a backpack showing respect for the emotional weight that United States Veterans are carrying during and after war. 22 veterans a day commit suicide and I am doing something about it by hiking in this amazing event!
 I met some amazing people - most doing something for people they have never met or will never meet. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and helped keep things in perspective for me. So many people complain about the most trivial things in life while others are dealing with true despair.
Donations to my fundraising page go towards helping to build a Military Family Retreat Center that will offer programs for veterans and their family members to help curve the suicide rate, forge veteran community bonds, build camaraderie and boost moral. The retreat center is only 10% funded, so every dollar is needed to help make this huge project a reality. Learn more about the retreat here:
Please consider donating!

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