Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chest/Back - One Kettlebell...

10 Sets of: 
5 Kettlebell Plyometric Push-Ups each side 
5 Kettlebell One-Arm Row each side 
5 Kettlebell Close Grip Press into Pullover 
All at 24kg (53lbs) 


Kikolu said...

Thanks for the nutrition link a few days ago. Highly appreciated that. Gonna implement it.
How would you train with just rings, no weights available? Thanks for the inspiration!
15 years in the future I am also 48 years old then. I will for sure not look as athletic as you now. Congrats!

Rob O'Brien said...

You can a lot with just body weight apexercis and rings. I would do pull ups, muscle ups, dips, ring push ups. Thanks for the kind words.