Friday, October 15, 2010

Snatch - Ladder, Front Squats & 100 Reverse Lunges For time...

1. Snatch - Ladder - 45# thru 95#
Every minute on the minute complete 1 Snatch for 8 minutes.
Start at 40% of 1RM and try to add 10% every minute. 

After the 8th minute, Immediately start...

2. Front Squats - On The Minute - 95#
Every minute on the minute complete 3 Front Squats for 8 minutes.
Start with the same weight that you ended the Snatch Ladder with. Do not increase weight each round.
After the 8th minute, You have one minute to strip your bar and begin...

3. Lunges For time - 3:37
Complete 100 Reverse Lunges for time, 45# bar.

With the bar in the back rack position step back with one leg so the knee kisses the ground. Return to a standing position, and that is one rep - continue to 100 reps as fast as possible.

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