Saturday, November 30, 2019

Trap Bar Deadlifts...






475x1  - 20lb PR on the lower handle! 3x my bodyweight! 

Then, attempted 500x1 - FAIL

Friday, November 29, 2019

Gironda 8x8 - Back/Triceps...

Front Lever Pull Ups - 8x4

Cable Rows - 100lbs

Hex Press - 8x8 @ 35lbs - 195lbs

Barbell Kickback - 45lb bar 

Finish: Front Lever Holds & Ice Cream Makers

Barbell Kickbacks:“This is a finishing off movement, purely for development at the juncture of the triceps heads, the horseshoe area. Is range is very limited and the exercise is almost all cramp.

I stole this movement from George Payne’s routine, and if you can show me anyone with better definition in this area I’ll give you an inch off my arm! Hold the bar with the side of the hands just touching the thighs, your palms facing away from the body. Throw the bar away from you, hold it there. - Larry Scott

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Shoulders & Traps...

DB Bent-Over Laterals - 25lbs*

Lying Reverse Seal Swings - 25lbs*

Seated Snatches - 25lbs*


Cash Out: TRX Handstand Push Ups - 2x4

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Chest/Biceps...

LeverEdge Bench Press - 235lbs

Pseudo Modified Planche Push Ups 

Low-to-High Cable Flyes - 4z8 @ 50lbs

Headbanger Chin Ups - 8x8*

Zottman Curls - 4x8 @ 20lbs*

EZ Bar Drag Curl - 8x8 @ 40lbs 


Cash Out:

Iron Cross Practice 

Ring Front Lever Practice (MUCH more difficult than bar!)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Trap Bar Deadlifts, 20 Second Front Level & Headbanger Pull Ups...

High Bar: 5x5 @ 350lbs (65% of 1RM) - reset in between each rep 

25 total reps @ 350lbs

Wasn’t feeling it today. Felt tied and weak. Decided to lower weight and volume and just move. 

Finished with: 

Got a 20 second Front Lever and did some Headbanger Pull Ups. 

“Headbanger pull-ups are one of the best body weight exercises to build up your biceps. To perform headbanger pull-ups you pull yourself up to the bar and then push and pull horizontally, head in line with the bar”. - Strength and Physique

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Gironda 8x8 - Back/Triceps...

Around-The-World Pull Ups 

Cable Rows - 90lbs (15 second test in between sets)

45lb Plate Skull Crushers 

LeverEdge Close Bench - 195lbs

Cash Out - Ice Cream Makers - 6x4

“A form of dynamic front lever exercise, Ice cream makers have a strange name, but a serious purpose and when done with correct form, will allow you to build both strength and mass. If you are interested in working up to certain skills like the front lever, this is a great movement

During the movement, your body is completely straight and your toes are pointed outwards. To initiate the exercise; pull up, and proceed to extend your body into a horizontal line whilst locking out your elbows on every repetition”. - Monkey Method 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Shoulders & Traps,

LeverEdge Press - 190lbs*

DB Bent-Over Laterals - 30lbs*

Lying Reverse Seal Swings - 25lbs*

Seated Snatches - 25lbs*


Seated Snatches

Light up your traps and delts with this simplified variation of the barbell snatch.

“The barbell snatch is complex, and something that's difficult to master even with a coach. Simplifying this movement by eliminating the involvement of the ankle, knee, and hip joint by using dumbbells and taking a seat is great for lifters looking for some size and conditioning.

The best part about them, unlike barbell snatches, is that they make you responsible for your negative reps. That forces you to be much more honest with the weight you choose, especially when doing sets of 6 or 8 reps. Moreover, similar to a Z press, this movement will quickly expose mobility issues since your seated position has no backrest.

If you can't hold the weight directly overhead with an upright torso, it's time to improve your shoulder mobility and the health of your thoracic spine. To say this focuses on just the front, mid, or rear delts would be selling it short because it tackles all three, depending on the phase of the lift. “ - T Nation 

Finished with: Front Lever Practice

Friday, November 22, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Chest/Biceps...

LeverEdge Bench Press - 235lbs*

Ring Modified Planche Push Ups*

Low-to-High Cable Flyes - 3x15 @ 45lbs

Tuck Lever Chin Ups - 4x8*

Zottman Curls - 4x8 @ 30lbs*

Cash Out: EZ Bar Drag Curl - 4x8 @ 40lbs 


Ring Modified Planche Push Up:

As you’re lowering into the push-up, start turning your hands so that your palms end up facing your face slightly before hitting rock bottom, then maintain hand position until you’ve gone all the way down. Reverse the motion when coming back up into starting position.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sets of 3 Deadlifts...



425lbs x 1

475 - Fail

467.5 - Fail

My current 1RM is 465lbs.

PM - Driveway:

OTM: 10

5 Russian Swings (97)

5 Sumo DLs (150)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Human Flag Practice...

“Training for this unique exercise will strengthen every muscle in your body, as well as toughen up your tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. The ability to do a human flag demonstrates a high level of strength and control, but even just the process of working toward this skill will help you improve those attributes.

Human flag training builds mental fortitude, too. The body and mind must both be strong to perform this ferocious feat”. - GMB.IO 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Gironda 8x8 - Back/Triceps

Gironda Pull Ups - 8-8-6-4-4-4-6-6

LeverEdge Rows - 8x8 @ 140lbs

Ring Dips - 8x8

LeverEdge Close Bench - 190lbs

Got a Front Lever! (After about 7 attempts) 


Cash Out: 

60 second pull up: 30 up and 30 down. Then, 60 second dip: 30 down and 30 up. 

Need to get 60 seconds up & down for a full 2 minute. Did this after my training. Need to do it completely rested next time! That sucked! 

Quasi-Isometric Training

This is what it's called when you do the super slow work, and it's so effective it's disturbing. There is eccentric (lowering) quasi-isometric and concentric (lifting) quasi-isometric. But that's not all – there's also a passive and active element to this that you need to know about too. More on that in a bit.

So what exactly is quasi-isometric (QI) contraction? It's moving so slowly that the movement is almost imperceptible. When you do isometrics you lock yourself into a specific joint angle without moving. But quasi-isometric movement can include the entire range of motion, though both partial and full ranges of motion are effective.

It will give you unmatched strength throughout the full range of motion. This includes conscious and unconscious control of that strength, meaning, you destroy sticking points and bust plateaus if you're willing to suffer a little bit.

Remember that power comes from the nervous system. All muscular contraction is caused by neurological stimulation. It's neurological control that develops inter and intra-muscular control. - T Nation 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Shoulders & Traps..

Klokov Press - 75lbs*

DV Bent-Over Laterals - 30lbs*

Wide Grip CableUpright Row - 110lbs*

Cable Overhead Raise - 60lbs*

Lying Front Lever Raise - 3x8 @ 25lbs


Finished with: Seated Press - 180x3, 270x3, 320x3, 270x3 then 180x15

Seated DB Up & Outs - 2x10 - 15lbs

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Chest/Biceps...

Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes - 8x8

Low-to-High Cable Flyes - 8x8 - 40lbs

EZ Barbell Drag Curls 65lbs - 4x8*

Zottman Curls - 30lbs - 4x8*

Cash Out: 

LeverEdge Bench Press - 3x8 - 270lbs

Crush Curl - 3x8 @ 53lbs


Friday, November 15, 2019

Trap Bar Deadlifts...

Trap Bar DL - High Bar:





545x1 - Failed 

Finished with: 5 sets of 440x3 (80% of 1RM) then, 5 sets of 440x1x3 (reset in between each rep) 

30 total reps @ 440lbs! 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Gironda 8x8 - Back/Triceps...

L-Sit Pull Ups - 8x8 

High Pulls - 8x8 @ 70lbs

L-Sit Dips - 8x8

LeverEdge Close Bench - 180lbs

Cash Our: Max Dips @ BW - 42

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Shoulders & Traps..

Klokov Press - 75lbs*

DV Bent-Over Laterals - 25lbs*

Wide Grip CableUpright Row - 110lbs*

Cable Overhead Raise - 60lbs*

Lying Front Lever Raise - 3x8 @ 20lbs

Cash Out: Standing Dumbbell Press - 1 rep @ 150lbs (75lb DBs)


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Gironda 8x8- Chest/Biceps...

LeverEdge Bench Press - 230lbs

Gironda Hanging Ring Flyes

Gironda Dip - 4x8

EZ Barbell Drag Curls 60lbs*

Zottman Curls - 25lbs*

Two-handed KB Curl - 4x8 @ 70lbs then, Double KB Curls - 2x5 @ 44lb

Cash Out: Crush Curl - 1x15 @ 53lbs


Monday, November 11, 2019

Trap Bar Deadlifts & DB Romanian Deadlifts...

Trap Bar DL - High Bar:






542.5x1 - 2.5lb PR! 

Happy Day!

DB Romanian Deadlift - 3x8 @ 210lbs (105 DBs) then, 3x5 @ 250lbs (125 DBs) 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

“Bobby Maximus” - The Holy Trinity”...

AMRAP 20 of: 

5 pull ups

8 push ups

5 pull ups

7 dips

12 rounds plus 5-8-5 

Very happy with almost 13 rounds in 20 minutes. Last time I went 30 minutes and only got 16 full rounds. That’s progress! 

130 pulls ups/ 104  push ups/ 84 dips for 318 total reps 



The 3 Best Exercises aka Holy Trinity

“The Holy Trinity is my favorite upper body workout of all time,” says Bobby Maximus, author of The Maximus Body. It involves three classic upper-body movements: pullups, pushups, and tricep dips.All you have to do for this workout is set the clock for 30 minutes and perform as many reps of the three exercises as you can. It doesn’t take an exercise scientist to figure out that this is going to lead to a hell of a good upper-body workout.

No additional weights are needed, making it a no-nonsense, back-to-basics workout. Your body is the resistance—and it will be plenty. The sheer volume of movement will provide the stimulus you need for gains. The density (the amount of reps you do in a fixed amount of time) will also get your heart rate going to stimulate fat loss and muscle gain. This workout never gets easier because each time you do it, you’ll push to beat your previous numbers.So set the clock and say a prayer before you start the workout. Chances are, you won’t be able to raise your palms together after you’re done. But if you add this workout into your regular routine, you’ll be the fittest guy at your gym for sure. - Men’s Health 


Lying Front Lever Raise - 5x10 @ 15lbs

Rotational Curls - 2x8 @ 45lbs

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Trap Bar DL - High Bar:






545x1 - Failed 

DB Romanian Deadlift - 3x8 @ 200lbs (100lb DBs) 

then, 2x3 @ 300lbs (150lb DBs)

Leg Press 






Monday, November 4, 2019

100 Push Ups & 50 Pull Ups - Day 18...

100 Decline Push Ups

50 Climb-The-Ladder Pull Ups 

Overhead Barbell Raise - 3x8 @ 75lbs*

DB Bent-Over Laterals - 3x8 @ 40lbs*


Cash Out: Klokov Press - 3x15 @ 45lbs

Sunday, November 3, 2019

100 Push Ups & 50 C2B Pull Ups - Day 17...

100 Decline Push Ups

50 Commando Pull Ups 

Close Grip Thick Bar Bench - 3x8 @ 155lbs (85 bar) 

Thick Bar Curls - 3x8 @ 85lbs  

Dips - Max reps  @ BW - 40! 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

100 Push Ups & 50 Pull Ups - Day 16...

100 Decline Ring Push Ups

50 L-Sit Pull Ups 

Seal Rows (Back) - 3x8 @ 60lbs

Wide Incline Football Bar Bench - 3x5 @ 163lbs (38lb bar)

Friday, November 1, 2019

100 Push Ups & 50 Pull Ups - Day 15...

100 Push Ups

50 Around-The-World Pull Ups



100 Walking Lunges

“The around-the-word pull-up is essentially a variation of the archer pull-up made a little more difficult. You’ll perform an archer pull-up to one side, and then as you hold your chin over the bar, slide all the way to the other side of the bar so that the bow and arrow arm position is reversed. Then lower yourself back down to the hanging start position to complete your first repetition”. - Global Bodyweight Training