Monday, September 13, 2010

CFNE Team Throwdown - Results & Video...

Final results are in for Staurday's team throwdown and we finished 6th!...... Nice!

FINAL RANK Team Athlete 1 Athlete 2 Athlete 3

1 8 Big John Dunlap Dan McGinley Kim Phillips

2 21 Craig Brisebois Chad Messina Vin Forde

3 2 Mat Frankel Dan Dretler Kevin Jay

4 7 Daigle Sam Burman Chandler Winchester

5 3 Ben Bergeron John Doole Peter Simmons-Hayes

6 26 Eugene Lee Rob O'Brien Sarah Atwell

7 17 Steve Crane Paul Bevilaqua Julie Ambrosino

8 16 Sean Rockett Greg Scott Tori VanNederynen

9 27 Marc McBrian Loren Werner Mike Doiron

10 15 Glen D'Avanzo Josh Keefe Katrina Shafer

11 6 Billy Nelson Bern Prince Lisa Ronner

12 4 Mel Ockerby Matt Maloney Zach Ambrosino

13 20 Will Nystrom Will Berry Allison Lewitus

14 24 Bob Keefe Rich Persons Lisa Heavey

15 1 Derek Mohamed Scott Wolff Tsui Huang

16 5 Lisa Mikkelson Eric Hagan AnnMarie Decker

17 13 Jason Caldas Harut Arutyunyan Nicole Mohamed

18 9 Jenna Gale Jack McCallion Betsy Hayes

19 12 Pat Smulligan Renee Bazinet Gabi Lentini

20 23 Elaine Polito Mike Giorgio Trina Foster

21 19 Jen Lawrence Joe Assencoa Alison Carothers

22 22 Eric Brisebois Jule Slootbeek Chris Mondor

23 25 Brian Stark Ali LeBlanc Megan Brooks

24 10 EC Synkowski Carolyn Beckedorff Davis Foster

25 11 Ronda Rockett Thorp Foster Sandy Smith

26 18 Pete Sarmanian Susan Singer Erin Porter

Below is a video of WOD #2: "Barbell Up Ladder"
10 minute up ladder of:

Athlete 1: Deadift

Athlete 2: Power Clean

Athete 3: Ground to Overhead

Each team will have one 75# barbell. Athlete one will complete 1 DL, Athlete two will complete 1 PC and athlete three will complete 1 GTO. The team will then repeat the same order, but will do 2 reps each, then 3 reps, and continue as high as possible in 10 minutes. Once the team starts the bar is not allowed to rest on the ground till the wod is over (all reps are touch and go and you must pass the bar from athlete to athlete when transitioning). If the bar rests on the ground there is a 2 burpee penalty for all team members.
I did clean and push presses. We ended getting 11 rounds plus 10 reps. (We are in the video from 4:15-6:30)

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