Friday, October 26, 2007

Core & Double Racked Windmills

I tried a new core exercise today - Double Racked Windmills. Good Stuff! Clean two bells into the racked position and then press one to the top. Then do a windmill with the one at the top while holding the other in the racked position. It adds another dimension to windmills!

My training looked like this:

Double Racked Windmills - 16kg bells - 5 sets of 3 each side - 15 reps each side

Hanging Leg Raises - 5 sets of 10 - 50 reps

Figure 8/Hold - 16kg bell - 5 sets of 10 each direction - 50 reps each direction

I finished with 2 sets of Farmers Walks with the 32kg bells @ 150 feet each and 2 sets of Superman Poses for 15 seconds each.

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