Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clubbell "Anabolic Bruiser Conditioning" ...

I did some more two-handed clubbell exercises or "Anabolic Bruiser Conditioning". Today I used the 25lb clubbell and increased the volume. I find clubbell training a perfect compliment to my Crossfit & Kettlebell training.

My training looked like this:

Hammer Swings - 25lb clubbell - 50 reps
Hammer Throws - 25lb clubbell - 50 reps
Gama Cast - 25lb clubbell - 100 reps

I finished with: One-Arm Casts - 25lb clubbell - 50 reps

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mike said...


I have been working with the Bruiser since December 2009. I would love to purchase a copy of "Anabolic Bruiser Conditioning." Can you direct me to where I can buy a copy at?