Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double Kettlebell Complexes...

In addition to my Crossfit Training two to three days a week I am getting back to more regular kettlebell training. I am starting Geoff Neupert's Kettlebell Muscle Program. It is all double kettlebell work and is challenging and fun. Check it out!

I also gained 4 lbs this week by adding 1000 extra calories a day in the form of full fat coconut milk and protein powder. I have lost about 4% body-fat over the last two months with the addition of Crossfit but have almost leaned out too much (did not think it was possible). 

My training looked like this:

Four rounds of:
5 Double High Pulls
5 Double Snatches
5 Double Military Presses
5 Front Squats
120 second rest in between rounds

I finished with: Gama Cast - 15lb clubbell - 100 reps


30 to 47 said...

hey rob

how heavy were the KBs u used?

also what are KB chains?

and do you use them in this program?

keep it up!!!


Rob O'Brien said...


I used the 20kg bells. Doing all exercises back to back without rest makes it interesting. Chains are compund lifts performed for reps - (C&P+C&P+C&P). They are added after week 6.



judy said...

Hey Rob,

I just ordered Kettlebell Muscle so I am curious how you selected what size kb's to use.

I am currently working on ETK with a 24 kg with a 2 kg KB Buddy attached; so 26 kgs. I do pull up ladders along with it.

I can handle 5 reps of c&p, squats, etc. with double 24 kg.'s but feel they will be too heavy for snatches and complexes. I am trying to figure out if I should use double 16's or double 20's for Kettlebell Muscle.

How did you make your decision? And, how much "heavier" is the weight when using them for complexes with short rest periods?


Rob O'Brien said...

Good question. I thought about what bells would be my "heavy" day and workes backwards. Thus I am using the 20kg bells for the medium day and 16kg for the light day. 24kg bells will be heavy for double hogh pulls, double snatches and squats back to back without rest but that is the point. If I used the 12s,16s and 20s...they would have been too light.

Hope this helps,