Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kettlebells Power Swings and One-arm Kettlebell Cleans...

IKettlebells Power Swings, 10x5 @ 106lbs
One-arm Kettlebell Cleans, 5x10 (5 left/5 right) @ 70lbs 

"Tracy called the technique simply : Hike, Swing, Park" as it describes what to do perfectly. But the more I have trained them the more I want to call them Power Swings, as this perfectly describes the intent of each and every rep.

It immediately reminded me of training box squats WSB style. The reason WSB squats onto boxes instead of free squats is that sitting on the box deactivates the stretch reflex, which really helps one coming out of the bottom of a squat strongly.

The same reason touch and go benches are easier than paused benches is that the pause (somewhat) diminishes the stretch reflex and makes the lift harder. Pausing on a box before standing up requires one to overcome way more inertia and teaches one how to increase their starting strength, rate of force development as well as speed strength.

AND you can use less weight and get more results. Nice.

The Power swing does basically the same thing for the kettlebell swings BUT I've found I can actually use MORE weight in each set, although for significantly less reps. Getting more with less, sounds good. Because I get to re set up before each rep and make sure I am in the perfect start position it feels very safe as well." - Mark Reifkind

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