Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anabolic Diet Goes Mainstream

If you have read this blog then you know that I have been following the "Anabolic Diet" for over 4 years with much success. Recently I ran across an article in Men's Health touting the TNT Diet which is basically the Anabolic Diet presented in a more mainstream manner. Funny how what was once viewed as strange, weird or extreme is getting great feedback from the general public...maybe because it works?
My only problem is that no credit is given to previous versions of the diet like the original "Anabolic Diet" or "Body Opus" - the reader is lead to believe that the authors are the ones who created this "groundbreaking" nutritional plan for separating carbs from protein and fat.

Attached is a link to the book -
(http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1594866597/bookstorenow18-20) and a synopsis of the material contained within. Enjoy!
Book Description:
Hey, Guys! Want to trade your fat for muscle? It's finally possible, thanks to the Men's Health TNT Diet. TNT - or Targeted Nutrition Tactics - is a scientifically designed program that can be customized for any body, including yours. It's as easy as knowing what to eat, and when to eat it. So whether you have a lot of fat to lose or just a little, TNT has a plan to fit your goals. In fact, TNT works not only for the guy who wants to lose 50 pounds of flab but also for the guy who wants to trade 10 pounds of fat for 10 pounds of muscle. Just as important, the TNT diet significantly reduces the risk for heart disease and diabetes, a finding that's been scientifically proven in studies at the University of Connecticut. The results of these studies, which you'll read about inside, are amazing. The best part? The TNT Diet and accompanying exercise plan couldn't be simpler. In fact, throughout the book, you'll find out why you can:-Stop counting calories. The TNT Diet reprograms your appetite, allowing your own body to regulate the amount you eat. So you'll never feel like you're on a diet, even though you'll look like it. -Go back to enjoying the foods you love - like prime rib, omelets, and even butter. Through a revealing report, you'll see why fat - even saturated fat - isn't the dietary demon it's been made out to be. -Exercise just 90 minutes a week. Instead of exercising in the so-called fat-burning zone, you'll learn how to exercise in the carb-burning zone. This is the secret to making your workouts both shorter and more effective.So what's stopping you? The Men's Health TNT Diet provides all the tools you need to dramatically transform your body - both inside and out.

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