Thursday, November 8, 2007


I planned on doing 2 PR's of 15 ands 10 minutes respectively today but was wiped after the first 10 minutes of my first PR. The long cycle c & P's wiped me out and the triple crush didn't help. So, I decided to limit my first PR to 10 minute and make my second 15 minutes. I ended up completing the whole training session but am totally spent. I guess I pre-exhausted my whole upper body from my first PR and then proceeded to totally exhaust my muscles with the pull ups and incline presses. My wife and I are going away for the night Friday to Newport, RI(without the kids!) and I am looking forward to a day OFF from training Saturday!

My training looked like this today:

First PR - 10 Minutes

Long Cycle C & P - 24kg bells - 25 reps
Triple Crush - 16kg bell - 25 reps

5 Minute Rest

Second PR - 15 Minutes

Neutral Grip Pull Ups - Body Weight - 70 reps
Swiss Ball Incline Presses - 24kg bells - 70 reps

Very intense workout!

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