Friday, November 16, 2007

KB Circuit @ Punch Gym

This morning I drove to Punch Gym in Providence, RI (about 45 miles from my house) to do a circuit training class. The class was about an hour long and consisted of:

Suitcase DL
H2H Sumo DL
Push Ups (regular, walk over & triceps on bell)
Clean & Press
Push Press
Dragon Lunges
Russian Twists

There was also some rope training mixed in for good measure to mix it up. The rope I used was 50 get long and 3 inches thick. Not easy to get moving.

I was pretty happy with my strength-endurance as I felt better than I expected at the end.

When I got home my wife was headed to the gym with my 4 year olds so I decided to go with her mainly just stretch. Of course I ended up doing a little more than just stretching but focused on core movements.

I did:

Gladiators - body weight
Gladiators with body bar - 15, 18 & 22lbs
Medicine Ball Toss into floor mat - 3 sets of 10 each - 4, 8 and 10 lb ball

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