Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Full Body EDT & Farmers Walks/Shrugs

I wanted to get a good full body workout in today and try to hit all the major muscle groups. I find that the long cycle C & P's are one of the best full body exercises just by themselves and are even better when used as the base of a training program with other exercises added in for good measure. If you can find the right weight (not too light or heavy) then it is a great exercise for both strength and strength endurance.

My training looked like this today:

First PR - 15 Minutes

Long Cycle C & P - 24kg bells - 35 reps
Double Suitcase DL - 32kg bells - 35 reps

5 Minute Rest

Second PR - 10 Minutes

Chin Ups Ups - Body Weight - 35 reps
Swiss Ball Incline Presses - 32kg bells - 35 reps

I finished with 4 sets of farmers walks with the 32kg bells @ 150 feet each followed by 4 sets of 10 of shrugs with the 40kg bells. The farmers walks had my shoulders, traps and forearms screaming which made the shrugs that much harder.

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